T.J. Maxx grand opening this Sunday

After three years in development, Brookings welcomes discount retail store


Sam Schoenbauer

T.J. Maxx is set to open its doors this Sunday, March 26 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. The storefront is located at 990 22nd Ave. South in the University Marketplace.

Madelyn Murphy , Reporter

Brookings is welcoming a new retailer this week that will offer items from clothing to home décor. T.J. Maxx is set to host its grand opening, March 26, in the University Marketplace.  

The opening is Sunday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. in the previous JCPenney building at 990 22nd Ave. South in the University Marketplace, according to a news release from T.J. Maxx.   

T.J. Maxx is a discount retail chain that offers high-end and brand name fashion as well as designer handbags, accessories, jewelry, beauty and home decor. The inventory in TJ Maxx is constantly changing with new styles arriving frequently, which encourages customers to be on the lookout for new discoveries while shopping, according to the news release.  

“Our newest store in Brookings will offer an ever-changing selection of high-quality, on-trend and brand-name merchandise at the amazing prices T.J.Maxx is known for,” Peter Benjamin, president of T.J.Maxx, said in the news release. “Our buyers create a unique mix that offers value for styles in every department, and we’re excited to bring this experience to a new neighborhood.”  

  Besides providing a new shopping spot in the community, T.J. Maxx is expected to provide nearly 60 full-time and part-time jobs in Brookings, according to the release.   

It has been a long process bringing this large retailer to Brookings, Shawn Storhaug, owner of Brookings Property Management, said. His company is the property manager for University Marketplace. Communication between Brookings Property Management and T.J. Maxx began in 2020 and a deal was finalized in June 2022, Storhaug said.   

From that point on, Brookings Property Management has been working to prepare the building for T.J. Maxx’s arrival. To meet the company’s requirements the building has been completely renovated, with just the original exterior walls remaining from the old JCPenney store, Storhaug said.  

“Everything is new from the flooring to the roofing,” Storhaug said.   

Storhaug is optimistic that the opening of T.J. Maxx will bring more retailers to Brookings. 

“We are hopeful that T.J. Maxx will help attract other retailers to the [University] mall,” Storhaug said.

T.J. Maxx also will be beneficial to Brookings’s economy, Tim Reed, CEO of Brookings Economic Development, said.He said the opening of T.J. Maxx will also help increase the sales tax revenue in town.

 This will allow for improvements on things like roads and parks in Brookings. 

“Getting more retail stores is really good for the community,” Reed said.

The opening of T.J. Maxx will likely encourage more people to live in Brookings, benefitting the city overall, Reed said. 

“People move to towns when they have the retailers that they like to shop at,” he said.

Storhaug emphasized the importance of supporting the new retail store and encourages the community to spend their money in Brookings when opportunities arise.

“The more we support Brookings businesses, the more Brookings businesses that we’ll get,” Storhaug said.   

The University Marketplace is filled with various other retailers suitable for a wide range of consumers, such as Glik’s, JOANN Fabrics & Crafts, Karl’s and Lewis Drug.