SDSU represented at national cattle trade show


Warren Rusche, Zachary Smith and Teigen Hadrick attended the 2023 Cattle Industry Convention and NCBA Trade Show in New Orleans Feb. 1-3. The convention had over 300 of cattle industry experts and companies.

Jaycie Forbes, Reporter

​​The Cattle Industry Convention & NCBA Trade Show took place Feb. 1-3 in New Orleans, Louisiana. This three-day convention hosted many industry relevant meetings, presented influential guest speakers and is home to over eight acres of trade show vendors.

South Dakota State University originally planned to be in attendance with a booth at the trade show. Unfortunately, due to unfavorable weather conditions in Texas, the four Animal Science Ambassadors and their adviser, Natalie Hoyes, were unable to make their connection at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. 

SDSU was still represented by Assistant Professor and SDSU Extension Feedlot Specialist, Warren Rusche, Assistant Professor, Zachary Smith and SDSU Animal Science student, Teigen Hadrick. These individuals happened to be attending this event on their own time and each had positive feedback pertaining to the convention. 

NCBA is one of the largest trade shows in the country, so it was important for the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Science to have representatives at the event. Rusche said it was an opportunity for students and the university to expose themselves to different individuals and companies.

“It keeps our name in front of stakeholders and industry leaders,” Rusche said.  

The tradeshow is also a good networking opportunity for students within the cattle industry. With over 300 booths, it’s a chance for college students to find an internship and meet future employers. 

“This is a great opportunity for networking,” Smith said. “If they do go, they need to treat it like a job. They need to actively work, go around with business cards and work to meet people that they might want to work for one day.” 

Events as busy as this convention can often be intimidating for many college students, but professors stressed the importance of attending these events and seeking out opportunities similar to what NCBA offers.

“I think it is important to expose yourself to new ideas and experiences, whether that is professionally related or just something for fun,” Rusche said.  

Hadrick found that attending the convention was a great experience for young beef producers, just like himself. He believes everyone needs to experience this event at least once, and hopes to get more SDSU students to attend in the future. 

“NCBA is an amazing convention that brings cattle producers from around the United States to one central location,” Hadrick said. “By attending the convention, I made so many valuable connections that if I had not gone would have never happened.”

Smith said that attending this event can be a huge monetary commitment, but students should attend if they get the chance. He hopes to take one of his lab groups in the future.

In 2024, The Cattle Industry Convention & NCBA trade show will be held in Orlando, Florida, Jan. 31 through Feb.  2. SDSU students will have the opportunity to attend this convention as well.