Permanent jewelry booth opens this weekend


Serena Davis, Assistant Lifestyles Editor (She/Her)

Valentine’s Day is celebrated early this year with a pop-up shop in the Old Sanctuary Banquet Facility Saturday, Feb. 4 starting at 10 a.m. One of the newest booths at the event is Midnight Spark, a permanent jewelry business out of Sioux Falls. 

Permanent jewelry functions similarly to regular jewelry, but instead of a clasp, the metal is welded together with a jump ring. 

Caitlin Mullen, founder of Midnight Spark, said the name comes from the spark when the two pieces get welded together. Mullen describes it as more of a service than anything because everything is customizable. 

“We work with clients to select the color of the chain ranging from silver, gold, rose gold and connector pieces to add creativity [and] customize the size of the chain as well,” Mullen said. “We have over 25 chains to choose from, and we offer help with the design process. Birthstones are our most popular stones as well as our natural ones. For charms we have metal hearts, simple circles, initials, crosses, infinity symbols and much more.”

Bracelets are the most popular form of permanent jewelry and depending on the customization, prices usually range from $65 to $75. For all other jewelry, prices range from $45 to $115. 

Mullen’s sister, Kelley Walsh, said some of the benefits include already having your jewelry on when you wake up, and because it’s sterling silver and real gold, it’s water resistant and good for everyday wear. Walsh said the best part is the easy removal. With a pair of strong scissors or nail clippers, the weld is easily cut and Midnight Sparks will reweld it for free. 

Students were also excited about the arrival of the new small business, especially since it’s based out of Sioux Falls. Sophomore Morgan Pfarr said she thinks the idea is “super cute” and “practical for everyday use.”

 Along with the product, Pfarr said she’s excited to be able to support small businesses that have pop-up shops. 

“Being able to support a business that supports the community is the most important part to me,” Pfarr said. 

Midnight Spark holds pop-up events every month along with other vendors. The store also does private parties such as bachelorette parties and girls’ nights.