Pickup hits Tropical Smoothie

No injuries, thousands in damage costs

Gracie Terrall, Co-Editor-in-Chief (She/Her)

A woman driving a pickup truck Friday morning crashed her vehicle into the side of Tropical Smoothie Cafe, resulting in a shattered front window, damaged patio area and structural damage to the southwest corner of the building. 

Ann Park, the store owner, said the accident caused no injuries and there was no disruption in service. 

The driver was heading west on sixth street when the vehicle slid into the side of the smoothie restaurant located at 1461 6th Street.

The incident occurred around 8:15 a.m., and the the police were called shortly after to make a report and help pick up debris. 

Stephen Heesch, a Tropical Smoothie employee, was at the store during the accident.

“I was walking up front and the truck came and smashed into the building,” he said. “But she (the driver) said somebody was turning into her lane and she was honking and I think she lost control and slid into the building.”

According to Park, the crash caused thousands of dollars in damages, which the driver will be responsible for paying. 

“The window is about $1000 and the patio tables are probably about $400,” she said. “There is some structural damage to the building that I haven’t gotten a quote on yet.”