Where did all this stuff come from?



Lorna Saboe-Wounded Head

College can be a fun and important milestone in your life. You become independent and learn to become a productive citizen. Through all the fun, there are areas in college life we need to be aware of. One aspect of college that is often hidden is impulse shopping. Impulse shopping can be done when we shop for groceries and clothes at the bookstore, Amazon and so much more.

To bring awareness to impulse shopping, there has been an informative video for college students on what it is, why it can be bad and how to avoid it. This video is called Impulse Shopping. To view the video, visit www.youtube.com/c/SDSUExtension.

It is important to enjoy college and all it has to offer, but enjoy it responsibly. Avoiding impulse spending can help save money for those necessary purchases that you have been saving for.

If you find yourself falling into the peer pressure of impulse shopping, always remember the time rule. Take 24 to 48 hours to think about the product you want to buy and see if you still want it after waiting. Being a money-conscious college student can help you make the best of your college career and keep those spending tips in mind after college. This video will show you where to pay, how to pay, print a receipt and be a reminder to pay your bill to avoid late fees.

For more information about managing your finances, go to www.extension.sdstate.edu, www.mystate.sdstate.edu or www.sdstate.edu/office-financial-aid. 

If you are finding that your shopping is getting out of control or causing debt issues, reach out to Lorna Wounded Head, family resource management field specialist and accredited financial counselor, for advice and strategies to help with your situation.