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MoviePass takes burden off movie-goers’ wallets

Real Greyson Columnist

This past year I have watched $400-worth of new movies in the theater for only $60. That is a deal that any film-lover would go crazy for.

Just to dispel any negative initial thoughts—I achieved this wonderful feat 100 percent legally. I am surprised not too many people know about this new money saving system.

I used a service called MoviePass and all its perks. MoviePass is an American subscription-based movie ticketing system and for just $9.95 per month you can watch one standard movie per day in any movie theater in the United States.

You just can’t watch any 3D movies or advanced screenings. Other than that, there are no other catches. No other hidden expenses.

When you subscribe, you get a MoviePass credit card in the mail. You then activate it online and that’s it. At the theater, you just select the movie you want to watch from the MoviePass mobile app, and use the MoviePass credit card. It’s that easy.

Not only does MoviePass give film lovers an excuse to frequently visit Cinema 8, but it also creates an affordable way for students to go out and do something fun on a tight budget.

MoviePass is not a new, unstable startup. They have been working since 2011, and it’s reported MoviePass buys one in every 35 movie tickets bought in the United States, according to a CNBC report.

You must be suspicious and asking, “Why are they doing this?” MoviePass is a company and like any other company, they want to rake in profits. Yet, they are not making money right now, nor do they want to at this moment.

Why, you ask again? That’s because their business model now is to acquire as many customers as possible, and collect data on what customers are actually watching.

MoviePass envisions a future in which it partners not just with movie theaters and studios, but with restaurants, ice cream shops, bars and anyone else that might benefit from the subscriber data it amasses.

As of now, you can buy a MoviePass subscription in two ways. Either you can buy the monthly subscription for $9.95, or buy annually for $7.95, plus processing fees. According to the Wrap, the company has also announced this week that they are slashing their monthly price for new subscribers to $6.95 for a limited time. How can you not jump on that?

This subscription service provides tremendous value for me, and I encourage everyone to take advantage of the perks of their service and get out there and explore their film screening options. MoviePass is an unbeatable deal for great leisure time.

Real Greyson is an entrepreneurial studies major and can be reached at
[email protected]

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