Issue: Hobo Day is better than D-Days


Editorial Board

In the Oct. 19 issue of The Volante, the University of South Dakota’s newspaper, they wrote an editorial titled “D-Days is Better than Hobo Days.” We’d like to respond and explain why they are wrong. First of all, Volante editors, you should know it’s Hobo Day, sometimes Hobo Week, but NEVER Hobo Days. 

They started their piece by giving some valid criticism about our homecoming symbol: Hobos. They asked why we created a new mascot for one week when we’re the Jackrabbits, and also criticized its classist mockery of homelessness. You know what, we agree. The glamorization this town has of homeless people is pretty tone-deaf and could probably be done away with in 2022. We’ll give you that one, USD.

Nevertheless, our homecoming has a clear theme and strong traditions that bring many from all over to celebrate SDSU. And when we say many, we mean many. Hobo Day is the largest one-day event in the entire state and Dana J. Dykhouse Stadium saw 19,041 people for Saturday’s game; A Hobo Day record, might we add. It’s clear that we actually have a parade and football game worth going to. 

The Volante claims that USD’s D-Day events are better for students and the community than our Hobo Day. Their editorial said “USD boasts a street dance, talent show, fireworks and other events run by the school.” Uh… so do we. We have a talent show, the BumFire, which we argue is way cooler than fireworks, a stew cook-off, the annual sleepover in the Union and a downtown music concert. 

Those people down south took a stab at One Month Club, saying, “The first thing on SDSU’s Hobo Days website is telling students not to shave for a month. … Why is this an actual tradition at SDSU?” Well, what better way to strengthen community and build anticipation prior to the actual event? We’ve got lads and ladies sporting the gnarliest beards and hairiest legs, spreading SDSU spirit a month before our homecoming even begins. 

They also dissed Bum-A-Meal because we eat with a “random family,” but members of the Brookings community volunteer to make a nice, home-cooked meal for students– something they might not have gotten in the two months we’ve been on campus. Students and the community are able to come together, to network, to find a loving, supportive surrogate family if theirs is far away at Bum-A-Meal.

Some people might feel uncomfortable with SDSU’s hobo fascination, but if you can set that aside, the connection, school spirit and love SDSU fans have for our school is unmatched. With that, please join us for next year’s 111th Hobo Day on Oct. 14, 2023!


The Editorial Board meets weekly and agrees on the issue of the editorial. The editorial represents the opinion of The Collegian.