Ways to bust ‘breakup blues’



AJ Spytek

Getting over a breakup is almost always difficult.

Spring break and the rest of the semester has given me time to reflect on what went wrong and what I can do to move on and grow as a person.

Though the pain of a breakup seems endless, you can save yourself from the breakup blues.

Positivity is key.

Understand there were issues on both ends; it was not entirely you. When a breakup occurs, people tend to self-depreciate and blame themselves.

Psychology Today has six ways to be a more positive you: practice gratitude, move forward, positive posture, smile, ditch the carbs and do something nice.
Self-improvement and growth.

Being positive takes time; self-improvement can start today.

Focusing on your own growth to avoid the negativity of post-breakup life is important. Making sure you are learning from your experiences and living a healthy life should be the main focus in getting back to a sense of normalcy.

Embrace the single life.

The best remedy I’ve found so far is hypothetically “dating myself” and doing things I want to do while embracing my new single status.

Embracing the single life can boost your self-confidence and remind you it’s OK to focus on yourself and what you want to gain from the world around you. It can be a well-needed reminder of your worth.

Getting back out there.

As the saying goes: “There are many fish in the sea.”

Now, don’t jump into something new right off the bat because that can have bad outcomes. Move at your own pace and get back out in the dating world when you’re ready.

Regain your confidence, get out there and remember that you are worthy of a relationship and love.

Bouncing back after a breakup is a process and can only be done in your own time. But, with some help and motivation to stay strong, you can stop yourself from being overwhelmed by the breakup blues.

AJ Spytek is a history education major and can be reached at
[email protected]