Hobo Day Parade to see record number of floats

Shelby Lang, Reporter

The Hobo Day parade, the biggest in all of the Dakotas, is celebrating its 110-year anniversary Saturday, Oct. 29. 

This year’s parade will begin at 9:30 a.m. and travel from the SDSU campus toward downtown Brookings. Regen Wiederrich, the Hobo Day Committee’s grand pooba, said he thinks the attendance will skyrocket because of this year’s anniversary. 

“We anticipate that 13,000 to 15,000 people will attend this event,” said Wiederrich. “That is a substantial number in regards to Brookings’ population, which is around 20,000 people.” 

Wiederrich said student interest in the parade has also increased this year with more floats lined up than ever before. 

Tessa Holien, the student entries coordinator for the parade, said it was very easy to fill spots this year and over 50 floats will be featured in the parade.

“The parade itself is a great representation of SDSU pride,” she said. “All of these organizations want to be known for being a part of SDSU and Brookings as a whole. It is a celebration of who we are.” 

Fantastic Floats Funding, in efforts with the Hobo Day committee, has raised money for float applicants so they have the resources to bring their ideas to life, Holien said. 

“If the organizations apply for the funding we will split it up accordingly,” Holien said. “Anywhere from $100 to $700 is supplied for each organization.”

 With so many floats, Holien said that there is no specific order that they are in and their place in the parade is determined by their time of arrival on parade day. 

 Ellie Ritter, an SDSU sophomore, said she will be going to Saturday’s parade and “wouldn’t miss it for the world.” 

“I love going to the parade because I have been a huge SDSU fan since I was little and it reminds me of all the memories that I had with my family there,” she said. “It is such an uplifting and exciting environment.” 

In an effort to encourage supporters to show their pride, Wiederrich recommends students get involved early.

“Many alumni students may tell you, including me, that they wish they would have gotten involved way sooner,” he said. “The parade allows students and community members to really dive into finding a love for their school and provides an opportunity to make memories that will last so much longer than ones created in a classroom.” 

Anyone with questions regarding the parade or floats should contact Holien at [email protected].