Psychology Club hosts serial killer Jeopardy and cereal bar


Graphic by Gracie Terrall

Morgan Pfarr, Reporter

The Psychology Club hosted its first meeting of the semester Wednesday night in the Student Union and played a game of Jeopardy to learn more about serial killers. Fittingly, cereal was served. 

The Psychology Club leaders chose to focus on Jeffery Dahmer and Rodney Alcala because of a documentary about Dahmer was recently released on Netflix.

“The most challenging part of this event was emphasizing to the audience that we are not glorifying the killers in any way,” Jocelyn Hamilton, club president said. “We are educating people on the psychology of the killers and that victim advocacy plays a large role when it comes to serial killers.”

The event attracted more people than the usual club meeting. The room was so full of people, many had to sit on the floor.

 “It was challenging figuring out how much space was needed for everyone and that we didn’t have enough chairs,” Adalie Pritchett, the club’s treasurer, said. “The club leaders have wanted to do something spooky for Halloween but also related to the club.” 

Attendants said they enjoyed the discussion about the mental disorders of serial killers and would come to another meeting. Kaitlyn Freese, a junior psychology major, thought that the game of Jeopardy was a good way to better understand what she was currently learning in her classes.  

The Psychology Club has more events planned for this year. It will sponsor a panel of counselors that will speak about their careers and answer questions that students have in their fields. This event will be Nov. 15 from 5-6 p.m. The location has not been determined yet, Hamilton said.