Issue: Voter registration ends Oct. 24


Editorial Board

The 2022 general election is just around the corner, so the voter registration deadline is even sooner. South Dakota residents still have until Oct. 24 to register for the Nov. 8 election.

Regardless of where your home state is, students can register for Brookings County with their residence hall address. Voting is an integral part of the democratic process, and we at The Collegian encourage all students to exercise their right to vote. This is how we as young people can make our voices heard and actually have a say in the policies that will impact us. 

In 2020, South Dakota had the lowest voter turnout for younger people aging from 18-29 in the Midwest with only 32% voting. This was only a slight improvement from the 31% voter turnout in the 2016 election. While this year is only a gubernatorial race and not a presidential one, it’s perhaps more important to vote in state elections because the policies affect us locally. 

We’ve seen over the past few years with the COVID-19 response, abortion rights and other legislation being turned over to the powers of individual states and just how vital state government is. We cannot have accurate and adequate representation for our state if we don’t vote in local elections. 

Remember, the South Dakota voter registration deadline is Oct. 24 and early voting is happening now!

Stay tuned to The Collegian for more information about policies and politicians that will be on the South Dakota ballot this year. We also encourage you to do independent research on the candidates to form your own opinion. 


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