Alumni to mentor students, Senate greenlights Taylor Swift Club



SA President Blake Pulse swears in Senators Hannah Dayaget, Hayden Bentz, Erika Van Nieuwenhuyse and Claire Koenecke during the Sept. 19 meeting.

Jacob Boyko, News Editor

At the Sept. 19 Students’ Association meeting, senators were addressed by the Vice President of the Alumni Association, the Taylor Swift Society and approved a resolution to thank retiring professor Dr. Scott Pederson.  

Alumni Association:

The vice president of the Alumni Association, Travis Jensen, announced the Alumni Association is rolling out a mentorship program. 

“It’s going to have a tremendous impact on the students, the alumni and the campus as a whole,” Jensen said. 

The Alumni Association’s goal is to give students an opportunity to work alongside alumni to help smoothen the transition from school into their professional careers. 

“We recognize it can be intimidating making that transition,” Jensen said. “So to have a guide walking alongside you to provide their expertise and another level of support is hopefully going to help students make that next step into their career choice.”

The program has been in the works for about a year and a half, Jensen said, with a pilot program launching in the next several weeks for students in SA, honors students or students who participated in the LeadState program. The Alumni Association is seeking these students because they’ve proven their professionalism throughout their time at SDSU. The pilot will be limited to between 30 to 50 students but hopes the program will be available to all juniors and seniors next fall. 

Taylor Swift Society:

The Taylor Swift Society’s constitution was unanimously approved by the Senate. The club has significant student involvement with an attendance of 82 students at the last meeting and an email list with over 140 students. The club leadership is planning to host movie nights, trivia nights, lyrical analysis and talking about what’s next for Swift. 

There are no membership dues at this time, but the club plans to sell T-shirts. 


The Senate unanimously approved Resolution 22-1-R, titled “Thank you to Dr. Scott Pederson.” Pederson announced his retirement after 22 years at SDSU. 

“Doc was an innovator for the college through the energy that he exerted into the anatomy program. He brought the cadaver program to the university and helped SDSU become one of a handful of undergraduate programs that provides this opportunity to undergraduates,” the bill reads. 


The Senate swore in four new senators. Hannah Dayaget, Hayden Bentz, Erika Van Nieuwenhuyse and Claire Koenecke will now serve the campus at large.