BSA to hold second Open Mic Night

Hannah Dayaget, Reporter

Get ready, Jacks! This upcoming Thursday, Sept. 1, SDSU’s Black Student Alliance will be hosting its second BSA Open Mic Night. It’s a night for SDSU students to share their stories and their music. 

The event aims to amplify voices and create connections through singing, dancing and reading. The Open Mic Night aims to bring in students as a way to uplift its community.

The event is fully student led by the organization’s executive board and is also an opportunity for its members to help out and spread the word. Anyone is able to participate and perform a piece, as well as watching and engaging socially with other members and students around campus. No matter the background or race, every person is invited to the event.

This event will include snacks, lemonade and drinks. It’ll be a place for students to have fun and kick off their academic year!

The Open Mic Night also includes a prize- not only for attending but also for participating. It is a completely free event that BSA hosts, as they strive for inclusivity by providing a safe space for students. 

“We want to achieve giving everyone a safe space to come and have fun, make friends,” BSA Vice President Livia McFadden said. “We want everyone to know that this could be a fun place. It’s safe and inclusive, and we want to spread BSA. We want to get our name out there!”

BSA hopes that the event will foster growth and positively impact the community. 

“Expect a lot of performers and expect a good time,” BSA board member Amelia Thoennes said. “This shows people what we are and what we can be. We are an organization that encapsulates a lot. We are a force to be reckoned with on campus but we do have some of the best times as well.” 

BSA will be tabling at the Student Union from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to inform students about their organization and the event.The Executive Board   and fellow student members will be available to answer questions. 

Around 300 students attended last school year’s Open Mic Night. Some performances included signing, musical accompaniment and poetry and spoken word performances or the audience. 

The event reflects BSA’s mission for equality and opportunity for every student. The organization encourages fellow Jackrabbits to come and enjoy, make connections and build relationships with their peers.