New food provider, other dining changes to come next fall


Samantha Schoenbauer

Students line up at the new Qdoba location in the Student Union.

Jordan Rusche, Co-Editor-in-Chief (She/Her)

As another new year at South Dakota State University begins, new freshmen who have visited campus before might notice a few changes happening to SDSU’s dining options.

The university announced the switch from their former food provider Aramark to new provider Sodexo earlier in the spring semester after the Board of Regents issued a request for proposal (RFP) in the fall. The RFP called for food service providers to submit their potential dining plans to become the new provider across all six regental universities.

The office of the vice president of student affairs announced what new dining options Sodexo would be bringing April 26, along with what services would be staying on campus.

Douglas Wermedal, associate vice president for student affairs, said in addition to the new dining sites, the school will begin utilizing a Tuk-Tuk food truck, which can provide menu options from almost all dining locations on campus.

“It’s going to be … branded SDSU,” Wermedal said. “I’ve been talking with Blake Pulse, who’s our UFSAC (University Food Service Advisory Committee) chair, and also obviously Students’ Assoication president, about getting that to the student location for tailgating.”

Students will also be able to use their meal plans at all regental universities in the future, as they will all be utilizing Sodexo as their food providers.

“So if you’re visiting a friend at Black Hills and you’re there for the weekend, you can eat at the dining halls with your own meal plan,” Wermedal said.

Here is a list of what dining sites students can expect to see during the fall 2022 semester.



Chick-fil-A, Einstein Bros. Bagels, These and Those Noodles in the Market, The Dairy Bar, Erbert and Gerbert’s in Larson Commons and the Starbucks attached to the Southeast Apartments will continue to serve students after the switch.

Larson Commons is still serving all-you-can-eat meals, though its menu will be updated to reflect “on trend selections,” according to Jacks’ Dining Resident District Manager Damian Lewis. There are also plans in place to renovate sections of Larson Commons in the future.

“And that will include, for sure, some self-cooking stations, where what you do is you purchase the ingredients [from Larson’s], and then you do your own cooking,” Wermedal said.

The Starship food delivery robots are still on campus as well, and students can continue to order delivery from select dining locations on campus via the Starship app.

Slices: Slices will replace Papa Johns in the Market, providing fresh pizza to students.

Salad Bar: The salad bar in the market will be removed, and instead students can request custom-made salads or take pre-packaged ones.

Grilled: Grilled will be in the Market, replacing Grille Works, and will offer short-order style options for students.

Simple Servings: Simple Servings in the Market will offer food options prepared without common allergens like milk, soy, eggs, wheat, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts and gluten for students with specific dietary needs.

The Grid C-Store: The Market will be renovated to include some C-Store options like those in Larson Commons and Hansen Hall and will remain open longer than the Market, allowing more food options for students.

Qdoba: A Qdoba location will be added to campus and will include classic menu options like quesadillas, burritos and bowls.

Wild Blue Sushi: Wild Blue Sushi will be one of two sites replacing Panda Express and will serve various kinds of traditional sushi, sushi rolls and more.

Mein Bowl: Mein Bowl is the other site operating in the old Panda Express location. It will offer different Asian cuisine options.

Created with Love: Created with Love will replace the Extreme Pita location and will feature rotating menus as determined by UFSAC. Wermedal says the site will start by serving BBQ options at the beginning of the fall semester.

Union Coffee: While Union Coffee will remain in its current location, it will begin serving Caribou Coffee products next semester.

Hansen Hall Jacks’ C-Store: The C-Store in Hansen Hall will also remain in service but will gain three new automated food vending machines: Yo-Kai Express, which will vend ready-to-eat ramen options; La Bread Xpress, which will offer fresh pastries, pizza, croissants and other baked goods; and Starbucks Serenade, a self-serve coffee machine made with select varieties of Starbucks coffee.