SA in brief: Policy implementation, State A Thon and graduation ceremonies


Mara Wheaton, Assistant News Editor


During the South Dakota State University Students’ Association meeting Mar. 21, students were addressed by Tracy Greene, who serves as the vice president and general counsel at SDSU. The SA also approved a special allocation to the student organization State A Thon. 



The vice president and general counsel provides legal advice to employees on campus and coordinates legal services for the university, among other duties. Greene spoke on policies she is currently working on as part of her role at SDSU.

According to Greene, the legal counsel is working on implementing the NCAA serious-misconduct policy regarding campus sexual violence.

The name, image and likeness policy that recently passed will allow SDSU student athletes to use their own name and image as long as it doesn’t negatively impact the university. The implementation of this policy is underway.

HB-1254 is also in the process of being implemented. Greene stated that the legal counsel is working on “process improvements” for employment at SDSU. HB-1254 “prohibits preferential treatment in higher education employment practices.” 



SA Senator AnnaMarie Sachs announced that there will be three graduation ceremonies this coming May. The ceremonies will be held in Frost Arena. 

The Senate approved a special allocation of $2,000 to SDSU State A Thon for their upcoming dance marathon April 9. This money will go toward the room rental, as the organization is anticipating attendance of about 350 students.