Drag show sees record turnout


Brina Sturm

Kamaree Williams

Griffin Korbel, Reporter

About 150 people showed up last Wednesday to the Gender and Sexualities Alliance (GSA) drag show, which serves as a major fundraiser for the organization.

The drag show was held in the Volstorff ballroom in the Student Union.

The last GSA-organized drag show happened about two years ago, according to GSA President Bailey Biegler. She said there were about 50 people that attended.

The number of people at this year’s event exceeded expectations, Biegler said.

“This is the biggest show(ing) to a drag show I’ve ever seen, which is really awesome,” she said. “So, it was considered very successful.”

The show consisted of three performers: Bad Karma, Autumn Summers and Kamaree Williams, all of whom come professionally from the Gay 90’s, a nightclub located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Bad Karma was the ringleader of the three and host for the night. Her eccentric personality was clear from the moment she had the mic.

Autumn Summers was the second performer in the group. She added an element of comedy to the show by giving her own spin on songs. This was her

first time performing in the GSA drag show.

Kamaree Williams’ performances received the most praise from the audience throughout the night.

Hanna Bricker from Belle Fourche attended the drag show for the second time and thought very highly of Kamaree.

“She (Kamaree) really stole the show. She was my favorite part,” Bricker said, “Her dance moves (were) astronomical.”

Overall, there were nine performances with each drag queen getting three turns. The performances were a mix of dancing, lip syncing, light shows and crowd work.

Those in the audience paid to get in — $5 dollars per student and $8 dollars for the public. The money made from ticket sales goes to a fundraising account that is used to help pay for resources for GSA activities and meetings, according to Biegler.

The rambunctious crowd was filled with people who hooted and hollered throughout much of the show. Many in the crowd also gave the drag queen tips.

Sydnee Richardson, a junior English major from Belle Fourche, attended the drag show for the first time. 

“I liked when the drag queens came out in the audience and interacted with people,” Richardson said, “That was really fun.”

Students are already looking forward to the next year’s GSA drag show and have been requesting more events, Biegler said.