Spring 2022 recruitment kicks off


Abbey Nielsen, Page Designer

With the spring semester now in full swing, the Greek Life community on campus is starting its spring recruitment process.  

At this time, all sororities and fraternities on campus are accepting new members. At South Dakota State University, there are nine fraternities and four sororities. The 13 chapters are comprised of both national and local groups. National organizations are sororities or fraternities that have chapters all over the nation. Local chapters are unique to South Dakota State University.  

 “Becoming involved in Greek Life is a choice few regret. Gaining a vast network of collegiate students who are motivated to serve their university and community is unique,” Maddie Fitch, Alpha Xi Delta membership vice president, said. 

Every chapter’s recruitment process is a little different. Spring recruitment is much more informal than the full-scale process recruits go through in the fall. Pledge classes are usually much smaller and events are more intimate. Freshman Abigail Fraas joined Chi Omega in Fall 2021.  

“I’m so interested in seeing how this recruitment process is different than the one I went through and can’t wait to meet the new members,” Fraas said.  

Recruitment events are a chance for potential new members to meet the members in the chapter in a more one-on-one way. Events can range from information nights to doing yoga to watching a basketball game and everything in between. 

Hanna Robinson is heading Alpha Xi Delta’s spring recruitment as COB Director. 

“Don’t be nervous! Greek life can seem very intimidating, but everyone is so excited to meet the new members,” Robinson said. “We all want you to realize your potential within the Greek community, and all of us would be more than happy to help guide you.” 

These events also give the chapters a chance to get to know the potential new members and see if they would be a good fit in the chapter. Katie Yunker is the program advisor for fraternity and sorority life. She can answer any questions students might have about Greek life.  

“The best advice I can give to anyone who might be interested in joining a fraternity or sorority, or anyone who might want to make some new friends, is to go into the process with an open mind, ask a lot of questions and take your time to make a final decision,” Yunker said. 

Going to recruitment events in no way means that a potential new member is pledged to the sorority or fraternity. Often, PNMs will attend events from many different sororities or fraternities. That way the PNM can see which group of people aligns best with their views, philanthropy and which group they fit in best with.  

“There are two really easy ways to get involved,” Yunker said. “ You can check in with individual chapters on their Instagram pages for details about their events, or you can fill out the interest form on Jacks Club Hub.” 

There are also posters around campus promoting chapter events.