Wes Genant prepares for life after SDSU

Josiah Tinklenberg, Sports Reporter

Wes Genant has been around the SDSU football team for quite some time. At 6 feet, 4 inches tall and 300 lbs, the Parkston, South Dakota, native has embraced the opportunity of playing for the Jackrabbits.

Genant is in his sixth season with the Jackrabbits at age 24. When you are with a program for so long, you play with a lot of different teammates—including six quarterbacks—and in Genant’s case, that can be a challenge for some players. 

But Genant embraces this challenge and says he loves building a good relationship with his teammates by showing them he’s there for them no matter the circumstance. 

Challenges have been a part of Genant’s career while attending SDSU. From shoulder surgery to a concussion and rolled ankles, he has experienced his share of injuries. He said while the injuries can be hard to deal with physically, another big aspect is having to sit out because of those injuries and watch your teammates play from the sidelines. 

On the other hand, accomplishments have also been part of Genant’s career.

The win over North Dakota State last year to get to the playoffs was a major accomplishment. Getting to hear the song, “If You’re Gonna Play in Texas,” by Alabama, on the winning end rather than the losing was special to him because he had always been on the losing end before last season.

When it comes to his biggest accomplishment, Genant said it was being selected captain by his teammates.

“Just to know that everyone wants you to be their leader is very special,” he said.

Two of his coaches had high praise for him as a player and as a person. Jason Eck, offensive coordinator and offensive line coach for SDSU, said Genant is a smart player who understands the plays and schemes, and he knows how to keep his calm in tough situations. 

Genant is smart both on the field and in the classroom. He has received six academic awards while attending SDSU and  has made the honor roll every year since 2016. He is also majoring in biochemistry and pre-medicine in hopes of becoming a doctor. 

Head coach John Stiegelmeier said Genant is a great teammate and all of the players respect him with his playing abilities and the maturity he brings to the team. 

“He gives his all to any endeavor,” Stiegelmeier said. 

Teammate Mason McCormick, who is also an offensive lineman, said that Genant’s ability to lead and his calming presence gives a huge lift to the team. 

Genant is now married and his life has become busier. He said his teammates are understanding of his lifestyle, and they know that he now has to spend more time with his family. It has been an adjustment, to say the least, he said.

For the future, Genant plans to go to medical school and try out for the National Football League. He said he would regret not trying out if he didn’t, so he is simply going to try and give it his best shot.