Pride of the Dakotas to perform annual indoor concert

Karmen Sperr, Reporter

​​The Pride of the Dakotas will be performing an indoor concert on Thursday featuring songs they have been performing throughout the football season. 

The Pride has performed an indoor concert every year since the late 1980s, according to the band’s director, Kevin Kessler. This concert serves as a year in review for the band as it combines many of its performances into one concert that anyone can attend.

Kessler has been the band’s director for seven years. He was a member of the Pride when he was a student at South Dakota State University, and he performed a concert like this during his time on campus as well.

The concert will be in the Sanford Jackrabbit Athletic Complex (SJAC) on the practice field, which will allow the band to perform the pieces the same way it performs them during football games.

“The nice thing about it being in the SJAC is that we have a football field in there, so we perform our pregame show just like you would see it at a home football game,” Kessler said. 

Since the band has been performing these songs for the entire season, there isn’t any extra practice that goes along with the concert. This is a chance for band members to just have fun while performing.

The band will be performing its MTV 40th Anniversary show and its Disney show, which were big hits this year, along with other songs that they play during tailgating and during the game, according to drum major Matthew Dulas.

“The MTV one is quite fun. That’s the one we’re doing right now during games, and I get to be on the center podium during Thriller,” Dulas said. “I get to see it all right there when we put down our instruments and all the band starts dancing, so that’s awesome.”

The concert also coincides with Veteran’s Day. According to Kessler, this date was chosen coincidentally, but the band also will perform their military appreciation show to honor our veterans. 

“It’s a show that commemorates veterans. We have a lot of patriotic songs that we put into a medley, and the color guard gets these nice American flag silks,” color guard captain Valeska Momotic said. “It just means a lot to a lot of people.”

This concert also will serve as an opportunity for the Pride to give back to SDSU. This performance is free, but there will be free will donations before and after the concert. Half of the proceeds will go to the band, and the other half will be donated to Jack’s Cupboard. 

“We did the same thing last year,” Kessler said. “We just thought that this is an important cause on campus that we would like to support.”