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Jacob Boyko, News Editor (He/Him)

During the South Dakota State University Students’ Association meeting Nov. 1, senators were addressed by Jennifer Novotny, senior director for the University Student Union, about the continuing changes to the Student Union and the implementation of food-delivery robots. The Senate also unanimously passed two bills and introduced another bill. 

Student Union:

Novotny updated the Senate on the wrapping-up of Phase II of the Student Union Renovation project. This Phase of the project included updated audio/video equipment, updated light fixtures, new furniture and implementation of SDSU colors.

“If you know this building really well, you’ll probably notice a few really big changes we’ve made in the last two weeks,” Novotny said, referring to new seating that has been set up on the second floor of the union near the fireplace and new lights that have been installed across the building. 

“We have over 9,200 people come through this building daily,” Novotny said, adding such high traffic means fixtures experience increased wear and tear and need to be consistently addressed. 

Supply-chain issues continue to make renovation projects challenging. 

Phase III of the Student Union renovation project will begin this spring and continue through the summer, according to Novotny. Phase III will focus on the Volstorff Ballroom.


Novotny also addressed the new food-service robots that are currently being implemented for on-campus food delivery, which will be completed by Nov. 8. 

Chief of Staff Blake Pulse confirmed there will be 16 robots on campus. Orders delivered by the robots will be subject to a $1.99 charge. If a student is using a meal plan for the purchase, it will be deducted from there. 

According to Novotny, the robots can also deliver messages, like singing happy birthday, when it delivers food. 


The Senate passed two bills Monday. The first, Resolution 21-8-R, affirmed the Student Association’s support of SDSU’s Fiscal Year 2023 Budget Requests to the Board of Regents. The bill passed unanimously. 

“The budget request reflects many financial priorities for SDSU including General Activity Fee (GAF) Debt Payoff, Sioux Falls Community College (CCSF) Debt Payoff and Training for Small Meat Processors,” 21-8-R read. 

The Student Association also passed Resolution 21-9-R, which will allocate $1,000 as a one-time payment to the International Relations Council. 

The Senate introduced Resolution 21-10-R, which would recognize November as Veteran and Military Family Month.