SA in brief


Jacob Boyko, News Editor (he/him)

During the South Dakota State University Students’ Association meeting on Oct. 25, Senators were addressed by Dr. Daniel Scholl about SDSU research opportunities and Provost Dennis Hedge and Vice President Michaela Willis about the upcoming Opportunity Center, approved the International Dance Crew’s club Constitution and voted to approve four bills.

Dr. Daniel Scholl:

Scholl, who serves as the Vice President for Division of Research and Economic Development, addressed the senate about future collaboration with Sioux Falls-based companies for potential research and development collaborations and developing automation.

“We’re preparing a set of introductory offers to small and medium-sized businesses in the Sioux Falls area,” Scholl said.

Scholl also shared that last fiscal year, SDSU received $48.8 million in research funding awards—the largest public research enterprise in the state of South Dakota.

Hedge & Willis

The opportunity centers proposed by the South Dakota Board of Regents for state campuses will be implemented at SDSU this January. The opportunity center will be housed in the Wintrode building and be called The Wintrode Opportunity & Student Success Center.

“We’ve visualized and thought a little bit about [the location for the opportunity center]… it’s very likely we’ll have a January location and then another location down the road,” Hedge said. “The original spot may not be the long-term spot.”

Willis said the South Dakota Board of Regents wants opportunity centers to have a strong presence on campuses, and they hope having the opportunity center in Wintrode will help with visibility.


The Senate passed four bills Monday night.

Resolution 21-4-4 affirmed the SA’s support for “presence and efforts to increase diversity, inclusion, and access at SDSU.”

Senator Castillo raised concern that the bill was “all words” without substance, but voted for the bill.

The Senate also passed Resolution 21-5-R, which affirms the SA’s support of a way for students to charge Hobo-Dough to their billing accounts at the beginning of each semester.

Senator Feldhaus raised concerns over the abuse of the credit system, adding that a limit would be needed. Senator Satterly said he envisions a limit that works similarly to the SDSU bookstore, which offers a set amount students can charge to their billing accounts at the beginning of each semester.

Resolution 21-6-R recognized October as LGBTQ+ History Month, a move Senator Garofalo described as “in-step with other universities” nationally. The bill passed with only one senator voting in opposition.

Resolution 21-7-R, which affirmed the SA’s support for “students to seek education about and receive Pfizer’s COVID vaccination” passed the Senate with six senators voting in opposition.