Food trucks arrive at SDSU, but differently than expected


Sydney Mitchell, Reporter

South Dakota State University welcomed two new dining options to campus this week: ‘Brosia Bowls and Shorty’s Hot Box.  

These businesses were originally set to arrive on campus as food trucks, but to accept meal plans, the food trucks needed new point-of-sale systems. Those systems have been held up by the worldwide microchip shortage, so the vendors are instead moving into the Student Union.  

“It doesn’t make sense to offer food vendors to students unless they take meal plans,” Doug Wermedal, associate vice president for Student Affairs, said. “I didn’t want students to have to use cash or credit cards.” 

Ideally, the vendors would have been serving food two weeks ago, Wermedal said, but because of the move from food trucks to the Student Union, neither place opened until this week.

‘Brosia Bowls is operating in The Bindle space within The Market, and Shorty’s Hot Box is operating in the Weary Wil’s space. 

 ‘Brosia Bowls offers “clean-plate” and plant-based meals. Right now, ‘Brosia Bowls has a taco bowl and creamy coconut curry on the menu. Shorty’s Hot Box is serving chislic, philly steak sandwiches, jacked-up loaded nachos and chips and dip as a side.  

 These vendors will offer students a fun service and unique menus, Wermedal said. The goal of bringing these food “trucks” is to offer new options that are responsive to student tastes.  

 Darcy Green, the owner and operator of ‘Brosia Bowls, says that so far, “it has been so exciting, the students have responded so positively.”

 The ‘Brosia Bowls menu will vary and change often. Green says she plans on trying new things and offering salads, bowls, soups, wraps and burritos, and her goal is to eventually open a brick-and-mortar store.  

 “I think [this opportunity] is going to help get the word out,” Green said. “Then the students can tell their parents and friends.” 

 Students also are looking forward to this new change.  

 “I’m excited for the new options,” Olivia Balfanz, a human biology major from Belle Plaine, Minnesota, said. “Especially since I am gluten free, it will help give me more things to try.” 

 Ashilyn Hulstein is an agronomy major from Melvin, Iowa. She said, “It will be really good to have more dining options. It always seems like things are limited if you eat the same things.” 

 University officials want to continue having these vendors available to students, but everything will depend on student response.  

 “If the students like it, I don’t know why we wouldn’t continue it.” Wermedal said. 

Right now, the schedule for ‘Brosia Bowls is uncertain. Green says that there will be a more set schedule once her food truck is put away for the season, and that the best way to keep up with the schedule and menu is through social media. 

Shorty’s Hot Box is open from 11 a.m.-8 p.m.