New fraternity house opens at SDSU

Sigma Phi Epsilon relocates after alumni donations, fundraising


Collegian photo by Sam Schoenbauer

McKenzie Mockler, Reporter

The Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity moved into a new house this summer. The new house has attracted many new members, said Katie Yunker, program advisor for Greek Life.

The fraternity house was previously located on Campanile Avenue and is now located at 705 11th Ave. The new location is more convenient for members who are living there. It is closer to campus and has amenities such as a large yard for hanging out and a better parking area. 

The Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity put in hard work to achieve the goal of building a new house. Since the fraternity does not receive any university funding, they must operate independently and work together with the alumni.

“The alumni of the SDSU chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon decided it was time for the chapter to have a new house, so they raised the money for several years to be able to pay for it,” Yunker said.

Sophomore and member Colton Hansen said the transition into the new house went smoothly. 

“It is similar to dorm life, but I would say it has been easier adjusting to living in the house than it was adjusting to dorm life freshman year,” Hansen said. 

Hansen said he is most excited to use the new house for events, have a good time with the guys and get to further know all the members of the fraternity. Sophomore Max Miller said he is most excited to use the new space for activities while creating new connections, along with being able to use the study rooms and have a quiet place to do work. 

With the new fraternity house being built, Sigma Phi Epsilon has seen increased interest from freshmen and sophomore students. This year the fraternity has 34 members. Yunker hopes to see Sigma Phi Epsilon significantly grow this next recruitment season and she hopes for increased interest in fraternity and sorority recruitment on campus in general. 

“Any time a new facility is built, it creates excitement for that group and the community as well,” Yunker said.

Sigma Phi Epsilon has three main pillars that they go by in their chapter: virtue, diligence and brotherly love. These three pillars are what hold the men together and help them achieve their goals. 

“I am really looking forward to meeting some new guys and new future leaders,” Matthew Halley, Sigma Phi Epsilon’s president, said.   

As each organization does its fundraising, it is unknown which chapter will be the next to renovate or build a new chapter house. Yunker predicts that within the next five years, SDSU’s campus may see one or two more chapters break ground on a new house. 

Fraternity recruitment is happening now on campus while sorority recruitment will start Sept. 17 and go until Sept. 19. Men interested in joining a fraternity on campus can sign up online. Women interested in joining a sorority can find details about recruitment on the SDSU Panhellenic Instagram page @sdstatepanhellenic.