SJAC open for student use for first time


Photo from GOJACKS.COM

Hannah Frost, Reporter (She/Her)

The Sanford-Jackrabbit Athletic Complex (SJAC), a $32 million facility built in 2014, will be hosting its first-ever open house for SDSU students this upcoming April. 


From 8-10 p.m., Sunday, April 11, South Dakota State University students can access the SJAC facility for the first time. Typically, this space is reserved for only athletes to train and compete.


Students will have the opportunity to access various top-of-the-line equipment including the 300-meter track, 100 yards of synthetic turf and various sports equipment provided by the Miller Wellness Center.  


Shari Landmark, director of recreation and fitness has been a huge influence in the organization of the event and sees this as a rightful opportunity for students. 


“Students are helping pay for some of the athletic operational budget and they should have an opportunity to experience that,” Landmark said. “I am happy this is becoming a reality.” 


Zebadiah Johnson, the current Students’ Association Government Affairs Chair hopes the open house will be a chance for students to gain further campus involvement. 


“Hopefully, this project can continue in the future and just be another asset for students,” Johnson said. “The more students we can serve, the better campus will be.” 


As the event is happening at one of the main athletic facilities, SDSU athletics has been apart of planning and is excited for students to use the space.


Jeff Holm, the senior associate of athletic facilities and operations is enthused at the opportunity to see students in a new way. 


“It’s fun to see students and see them enjoying themselves in a different light than we typically do,” Holm said. “It’s a different way to get to know the general student population.” 


Whether students want to go for a run on the 300-meter track or catch a game of frisbee on the 100-yard turf with friends, the SJAC open house will be something to mark their calendar with. 


The complex requests that students bring clean, dedicated shoes along with their student ID to sign in. Students will be able to access the event through the Southwest entrance. Fitness prizes and gift cards will randomly be given away to students throughout the night as well.