More dining options to open in the Student Union


Brianna Noonkester, Reporter

Students across campus have one question: When will the dining return to normal? The answer, as it turns out, isn’t so black and white.

Heidi Haro, the manager for Aramark, spoke of the importance of following guidelines.

“Our number one priority is to serve students safely and quickly to ensure that they are not in lines longer than needed,” Haro said.

As students look around at the limited options and hours, it’s important to remember the steps that are being taken to be safe within the dining options.

While the hours may be frustrating, there is some positive news coming within the next few weeks.

Students will soon be able to go to the Market on weekends and purchase entrees from These & Those Noodles and True Balance from the to-go refrigerators and microwave them at their own leisure. However, it had not been announced how soon that will be.

As for the confusion of some places being open and then suddenly not, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Douglas Wermedal said they “alternate between Panda Express and Extreme Pita being open every other Saturday.”

The demand for both restaurants remained high enough for those who make the dining decisions to come up with a plan to best serve the campus community.

Anna Shane, a Students’ Association senator at-large, expressed her concerns about the dining conditions to the University Food Service Advisory Committee (UFSAC). UFSAC, a group of representatives from each residence hall, meets every other week to discuss concerns that students have in regards to dining services.

“Kids care about sleeping and eating, so this is a high priority,” Shane said.

Wermedal echoes the importance of the committee and asks that if students are interested, to reach out and join the committee to make the most of the unknown dining situations.

Haro also said that Aramark is currently in the process of hiring in dining and planning for next year.

After the unprecedented year, and the university adjusting to COVID-19 protocols, one-word rings through those in the dining services: patience.

“There is light at the end of the tunnel, but we are still in the tunnel.” Wermedal said.