Issue: Dining services not meeting student expectations.


Editorial Board

In a year of changes and adaptations to the way campus operates, we can expect there to be some hiccups and issues to work out. 

Now, over halfway through an “unprecedented” year, we as students are eagerly waiting for things to return to normal, and one aspect of the student experience at South Dakota State University has yet to meet student expectations: dining.

Reduced service hours, less dining options and technical issues with GrubHub have left students starving for answers about when dining will meet expectations. 

No one is asking for 5-star meals or over the top options, simply that dining options be available to the most possible. 

Want to eat breakfast on a Saturday? You have two options: Larson Commons and Starbucks. But things do look up for Saturday dinner; your options double to four with Larson’s, Chick-fil-a, Panda Express and Weary Wil’s.  

Need to get dinner quick on Sunday night? Weary Wil’s and Extreme Pita are your only options. 

With the chaotic schedule of students between class, work and campus involvement, students’ eating times do not always fit into the 12-2 hours of The Market. 

We do appreciate the increase in healthier options on campus; however, when the availability is limited, it still keeps them out of reach for some.

In addition to the lack of options, ordering on GrubHub, which is recommended, takes longer, is unreliable and does not always reflect the availability of food at a given location. 

We get it, technology can be unpredictable at times, but an inaccurate representation of what food students have access to can lead to some upset people.

On-campus students are required to purchase a meal plan with Flex Dollars, blocks to Larsons or both. With no refund after spring semesters, students need to spend their meal plan somewhere. 

Unreliable dining options campus-wide can lead to food insecurity or force students to go off campus and spend their “real money” rather than the Flex that they already paid for. 

After a full semester of irregular dining options, we’re growing more and more tired of Panda Express for every meal.

We just want to eat. 

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