Editorial: For god’s sake, get tested


Collegian Editorial Board

South Dakota has the second-highest rate of COVID-19 cases per capita in the U.S. and a test positivity rate of nearly 60%.

It’s not hard to see that the state we live and go to school in isn’t doing too hot.

Of the over 18,000 active cases of COVID-19 in the state, 20-29 year-olds make up the highest percentage.

Of course, that isn’t great for twenty-somethings, but it’s not the end of the world. Less than 2% of our demographic’s (age 20-29 in SD) cases have resulted in hospitalization, and less than 0.02% have died.

That being said, students should all stay safe, wear a mask and socially distance as much as possible to keep ourselves safe.

You may not care if you get COVID-19, but it’s not cool to bring it home to your family.

Fifty-seven people roughly our parents’ age (40-59 years) and nearly 600 people at or above the age of 60 have died in South Dakota due to COVID-19.

That’s why we’re writing this. We at The Collegian encourage all students to get a test before leaving for home to keep our families alive.

There are so many reasons to test, including the goals of the university’s push to “Test Before Turkey:” To protect our loved ones, to help ensure health care systems don’t get overwhelmed and to reduce the chance of spread to communities outside of Brookings.

The test is free, you get to sit in your warm car while you test and you get your results fast, sometimes even the same day.

Though comments like, “I heard they stick a Q-tip in your nose and poke your brain!” are common regarding testing, we can guarantee that’s not true.

No, the test doesn’t feel good. But we promise a cotton swab for 10-seconds per nostril is worth keeping COVID-19 away from your grandma.

For god’s sake, get tested.