Former Brookings Mayor, Tim Reed, runs for District 7 representative


Megan Bertsch, Copy Editor (She/Her)

Tim Reed is no stranger to serving the Brookings Community. He is the current District Seven representative up for re-election, serving two terms in the legislature thus far. Before that, Reed served in local government, including the position of Mayor of Brookings for eight years. He was also on the Brookings City Council for five years.

“I actually spent 17 years in public service. So when you ask what sets me apart, that does,” Reed said. “You know a lot of work is going to have to be done to recover all the issues that we have from the coronavirus, and I want to use my experience to help us recover and help South Dakota recover as soon as possible.”

One of Reed’s proudest accomplishments as a member of the House of Representatives is the many bills he’s helped pass in regards to sexual assault in South Dakota.

“I also do a lot of work with helping sexual assault victims get justice. I’ve done a lot of work with rape kits in the last two years,” Reed said.

These bills include House Bill 1074, previously described as lengthening the storage time for anonymous rape kits, HB 1126, which ensures that victims of rape do not have to pay for an examination and many others listed on

As a South Dakota State University alumnus and Brookings native himself, Reed also mentioned the work he has done to support SDSU in his last session, including raising money to get the Bioprocessing Institute started.

“You know there’s a lot of good things going on on campus with how they can better use, whether it be soybean or corn to add more value,” Reed said.

He went on to describe how the Bioprocessing Institute helps convert byproducts of agriculture, like using soybean meal to make products like fish food, reducing waste and creating solutions for science and business alike.

“So that’s the other thing, getting good projects going for SDSU,” he said.