Live like Perry: unapologetic


Editor-in-Chief Brianna Schreurs

Brianna Schreurs

For 10 days over spring break I escaped the United States news cycle, only to return to a timeline full of none other than Katy Perry.

Last week, Perry was in the news after a nun collapsed and died during a court proceeding.

The case relates to a nearly three-year legal battle Perry has had with the Institute of the Sisters of the Most Holy Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary over her purchase of their for-sale convent.

I’ll spare you the details of all the drama, but Sister Catherine Rose Holzman, 89, died hours after she spoke publicly about the incident for the first time in years to KTTV Los Angeles saying “… Katy Perry, please stop.”

The bizarre and tragic event blew up on Twitter as fans blamed Perry for “badgering a nun to death.”


Then, on March 12 Perry found herself in more chaos after a wardrobe malfunction on an episode of “American Idol.” She and other “American Idol” hosts were dancing while a contestant sang.

She got into trouble as she dropped it low and Perry lost her balance and fell to the floor laughing. Oh, and she kind of flashed America, but thankfully producers covered her exposed undergarments with a huge “American Idol” logo.

Perry, in all her beauty and grace, continued to laugh on the floor, do a few push-ups and then hopped back up.

As I am writing this, my day could definitely be better, but I am praising the Lord I haven’t had to experience what Perry has.

Through everything however, Perry is still standing and a part of me admires her for living unapologetically and moving through paralyzing embarrassing moments.

This week I want to live like Perry — I don’t want to have the internet blame me for killing a nun. Rather, I want to be less burdened by the bad events in my day. Instead of being stuck in the past, I’m going to strive to be “wide awake” in the present.

Brianna Schreurs is the Managing Editor at The Collegian and can be reached at [email protected]