Proposed COVID-19 restrictions face backlash at city council meeting


Andrew Rasmussen

Brookings City Council met on Wednesday, September 2 to discuss possible COVID-19 restrictions.

Andrew Rasmussen, Reporter

Brookings City Council voted to continue COVID-19 related restrictions during a nearly 3.5-hour special meeting on Wednesday. The council will continue the discussion on possible additional restrictions.

Items still up for discussion include prohibiting the sale of alcohol after 10 pm Thursday-Saturday, closing restaurants and bars after 10 pm on Thursday- Friday and a mandatory mask mandate in public places.

A notable change to the proposed ordinance, which will be voted on at the next meeting, is the removal of a 10-person cap on residential gatherings.

The council was met with roughly 200 community members with some in support and many in opposition. Individuals who did not agree with the proposed ordinances wore the color red to showcase opposition.

President Barry Dun spoke in support of the ordinances. Find his full address:

“I would love to see a slow in the spread of COVID across SDSU and the community of Brookings,” Noel Kusek, an SDSU nursing student, said. “That being said I do not think an ordinance is the route we should be taking right now.”