$68 million in education relief grants goes to South Dakota


Gracie Terrall, News Editor

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem discussed federal aid for education in her May 26 press briefing. According to Noem, 68 million of the 1.25 billion CARES Act dollars for South Dakota is allocated for education.


The CARES Act provided grant dollars for three levels of education: higher education, secondary education and emergency education relief fund.


Higher education emergency relief funds received $19 million for ten colleges and universities within the state. Half of the money is meant to help students affected by COVID-19 while the other half is to be used by colleges for expenses accumulated due to the virus.


Elementary and secondary schools received $41 million. 


“This will be used to provide educational services to students, for cleaning facilities, meeting health and sanitation recommendations and providing technology,” Noem said.


Thirdly, the governor’s emergency education relief funds were given $7.9 million in funding.


“5.7 million of the 7.9 million was prioritized for quality remote learning, teacher professional development and supporting students as they come back into the building,” Noem said.


The rest of the $7.9 million will support workers laid off from businesses. 


Tribal and private universities also received $7.6 million, but were not a part of the $68 million allocated for public education within the state.