Telehope brings optimistic attitude to online May Day Music Festival


Gracie Terrall, Copy Editor

There is hope at the end of the tunnel.


That is what Cincinnati based indie band, Telehope, wishes to express through their music. 


Although Telehope won’t be rolling up to South Dakota State University’s Student Union in their big white van for this year’s May Day Music Festival, students will still have an opportunity to listen to them.


KSDJ, SDSU’s student-run radio station, is planning to host this year’s sixth annual May Day Music Festival via live stream at 6 p.m. Friday, April 24, on the KSDJ Facebook page. Those tuned into the live stream will be entered in a giveaway raffle.


Prizes include $100 gift cards to Amazon, Target and Walmart, and two $50 gift cards to Starbucks. 


“It’s a way to unwind, celebrate the end of the school year and get live music,” said Renae Vinzant, KSDJ’s station manager. 


Even though the concert looks a little different this year, KSDJ still wanted to create the experience of a live concert for people.


“It’s still going to be that good experience that you would get in person because you’re to be able to still hear live music, still hear a band you probably haven’t heard of before… and you can tune in when you want,” Vinzant said.


Opening the concert is SDSU junior Mikey Bertsch, who will be playing a variety of his original songs to start off the show. 


Taking the “stage” after Bertsch is Telehope. 


Like most bands, Telehope is used to playing for an audience and typically feeds off their energy during concerts, they are still, however, looking forward to performing in this unique setting.


We’ve never given our concert experience online before, and I’m so excited for SDSU students to still have fun with us,” said singer and keyboardist, Ben Malson.


Best friends Adolph Goetz and Malson first started playing together when they were children. Malson’s younger brother, Calvin, joined the group as their drummer last spring.


Together, Telehope realized the impact music could have on people and ignited a passion within them to start creating and writing more music. 


We are building a community of people who love, support & care for one another through our music,” said Goetz, who’s a singer and guitarist.


Above all else, Telehope wants to spread love and kindness to people and let them know they are not alone.


“You are not alone. You are valuable. You are loved,” Goetz said.