University announces details of new S/U grading scale


Trenton Abrego, Editor-in-Chief

More details were announced today, April 3 regarding the option of a satisfactory/unsatisfactory grading system. The new grading scale was first announced by South Dakota State University March 26. 

According to an email sent to all university staff and students by the SDSU COVID-19 Response Team, “If an S/U grade option is selected, students will receive all applicable credit for satisfactory completion of the approved course, but the grade does not figure in GPA calculations.”

Despite not figuring into GPA calculations, satisfactory grades will count toward credits for graduation. 

“Students will have the opportunity to choose the satisfactory/unsatisfactory grading scale from May 4-18 to select whether or not they want to receive an S/U grade for one or more courses for the spring 2020 semester,” the email said.

A satisfactory grade will consist of a letter grade of C or above. An unsatisfactory grade will be the equivalent of a D or worse. However, students will still be able to select the traditional A-F grading scale. 

The option for the satisfactory/unsatisfactory grading system will include courses that were “originally online.” 

However, not all students will receive the option of the new grading system. 

Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in exercise science, nutrition and dietetics, sports and recreational management, medical laboratory science and pharmaceutical sciences will not be able to receive a satisfactory/unsatisfactory grade.

Undergraduate nursing and engineering students will be able to select the new grading system. 

Other students who are pursuing a master’s or doctorate degree will not be given the option. A full list of courses exempt from the satisfactory/unsatisfactory grading system can be found here. 

More information including a FAQ can also be found here.