“Oakwood” extends deadline to Feb. 14


Symmone Gauer, Reporter

“Oakwood,” South Dakota State University’s literary and art magazine, extended its submission deadline to Feb. 14 after a change in restrictions and shortage of submissions, giving students another opportunity to submit.

Since 1975, “Oakwood” has been published annually and features diverse forms of art and literature from artists across the Northern Great Plains. These works include art, poetry, fiction, essays, paintings, drawings, photography and creative nonfiction. 

The previous restriction stating those who submitted within the past two issues cannot submit this year has been changed. Students who were published in one, but not both, of the most recent issues may submit again this year.

“I’m excited to submit some more works,” said English graduate assistant Kalynn Slaubagh, who submitted a prose piece to the 2019 edition. “As artists who are publishing … [it’s] a really good foothold.”

Anyone from the region is welcome to submit works to “Oakwood,” so long as their submission has not been previously published.

“It’s a huge resume builder no matter what your major,” said Erin Smith, a junior English major and this year’s managing editor for the magazine. “To be able to say, ‘Not only was I published as a college student, but I was published in a recognized magazine alongside recognized professionals.” 

The editors choose which pieces are accepted and take care of all the design work and communication. Smith is one of eight SDSU student editors led by faculty adviser Dr. Steven Wingate.

“I think it’s really cool that when an artist creates something. It’s very much a part of themselves,” Smith said. “So to be the first person to experience, read or see it and know that artist is trusting you with a piece of themselves is just a really cool experience.” 

Wingate, now in his eighth year as the “Oakwood” adviser, stresses how much of the publication’s content comes from the students, both as editors and contributors. “Oakwood” receives about 250 submissions, about half of which are from students.

“We want to make sure we have student representation, [which is a] long-term part of ‘Oakwood’s’ identity,” Wingate said. 

Student contributors and editors feel this student representation shines through. 

“It definitely is the students’ literary magazine,” said Mariah Macklem, a senior English major who has been both a writer and editor for the publication. Last year, Macklem had the opportunity to read her first published poem at the Oakwood launch party. 

This year’s launch party is at 7 p.m. April 23, in the Briggs Library archives. Printed copies of “Oakwood” will be available. 

Later, print versions of “Oakwood” will be distributed at Briggs Library and the South Dakota Art Museum. For more information on submissions, visit https://sdsuoakwood.com/submission-guidelines/