Frozen II: An animated masterpiece

Frozen II: An animated masterpiece

Many people are wary of sequels. There is a thought that the sequel could never surpass or even be as good as the first movie. 

There are often cases, though, where the sequel is also absolutely amazing. And there is one company that I think of as one that always produces movies that are phenomenal in so many ways.

That company is Disney. 

I am a Disney fan, always have been and always will be. There is magic within every Disney movie that makes me believe in love, adventure and so much more. Disney tells stories with wonderful characters and arcs, amazing settings and exceptional music. 

Frozen II has all those qualities and more. 

Frozen II was released Nov. 22, with early showings Nov. 21. It was the first sequel to a princess film to have a theatrical release. 

The second movie in the franchise features overarching character growth for each character introduced in the first movie, as well as introducing a couple of new characters. The character designs within the movie show the growth of the character from the first movie and the changes that the character undergoes during the second film. The storyline is driven by the further development of the characters and their relationships with each other. 

Frozen II takes a deeper look at the relationship between Anna and Elsa. Their relationship as sisters was the driving force in the first movie, and the growth of their relationship creates the setting of the sequel. 

Within this movie, the main group of characters feels comfortable in the life that they have created for themselves, but nothing can stay the same forever. Everyone fears change in some way, which is the cause of tension throughout the movie. 

The changes that occur in the characters’ lives lead each character through growth and transition. The character arcs make this movie absolutely amazing. There is so much growth that leads the story along. 

Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and Olaf all show their own individual development throughout the movie with the relationships that they have with each other, their actions and their expressed emotions in the music and script. 

The music throughout the film adds so much to the feeling of this theatrical experience. There is so much depth to each song, illustrating the development of each of the characters during their journeys. Frozen II’s soundtrack sounds very similar to that of an on-stage musical, which brings in a magical feeling. 

The character arcs are so beautiful, especially with the soundtrack guiding the expressed emotions of those characters. 

The animation quality is phenomenal, as expected for a Disney movie, and it does not disappoint in any way. It was exceptionally done and brings the magic of the world to life through the color scheme, the overall design and the lighting in each shot. 

The colors and art in the movie transport you into the world and lets you truly experience the story. Together, the artwork and soundtrack create a world that feels so real for the audience and makes watching the movie a worthwhile experience. 

In my opinion, Frozen II is even better than the first movie. The storyline has adventure, growth, love, suspense and friendship. There are life lessons throughout the movie, including thoughts on growing up and finding out who you truly are. 

Disney has shown yet again that they are excellent storytellers. The story told in Frozen II gives the audience members a feeling of hope that they can venture out into the world. 

As an audience member, I found that I related to the movie in many ways, due to my life experiences, and I believe that many other audience members would relate as well. 

The movie showed the ups and downs that can occur in life due to changes, fear and the difficulties of making relationships work. 

It also showed the love and life lessons that are found after one surpasses some of the challenges they faced. 

By illustrating a story with the difficulties and blessings that one can find in life, Frozen II created an overall experience that can make the audience members truly feel all of their emotions  sadness, love, fear or any other emotion that they might have. Making the audience feel and relate to what is happening creates an amazing and worthwhile story. 

Frozen II is that amazing and worthwhile story that everyone should see. Anyone who has experienced change or difficulties in life can relate to this story, and so can anyone who has experienced their own fairytale.