Einstein’s Big Breakfast Burrito impresses


Keaton Gruber, Robert Kowitz, Matthew Harris, Food Columnists

This week brought many great surprises as we continued the search for the most delicious and unique foods around the South Dakota State University campus. We decided to head inside the Student Union to Einstein Bros. Bagels to give it a try.

Upon reaching a consensus, we ordered the Big Breakfast Burrito and the Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake.

The burrito challenged our stereotypes of food at coffee shops and gave us hope for all of the possibilities that the rest of the menu has.

Not only are both of these alliteration-titled foods fun to say, they are also packed with surprises.

The Big Breakfast Burrito is the Big Baller Brand of coffee shop foods.

This big boy is filled with all your breakfast food favorites including sausage, eggs, hash browns, bacon, salsa, green chiles and cheese all wrapped up tightly in a flour tortilla shell.

These ingredients mix together perfectly to satisfy with every bite. Although this burrito looks innocent, one must beware of its kick. The green chiles deliver a punch that is not for the faint of heart.

If you’re not a big fan of spice, just ask for it without green chiles so you can join in on the boatload of hearty foods packed so nicely into this burrito.

After a very enjoyable burrito, we moved onto the Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake.

This cake is packed with goodness and more calories than we really care to know. The outside of this little round cake was perfectly crunchy.

Diving deeper, we discovered the soft, moist inside of this little cake. As if the cake isn’t enough, there’s a heap of chocolate chips to sweeten up the whole thing. It held up to the excitement, delivering on every level.

This pairing of items was extremely filling but so tasty that you can push through the pain. To get your hands on the burrito, you will find yourself with quite the wait, since Grubhub currently doesn’t display the burrito.

This is especially true during busy times of the day, as we found it took about 23 minutes from the line to food-in-hand. Though this is a long time for someone in a hurry, if you have the time, it’s worth the wait.

As we sat down and ate our burrito and cake, we noticed something wonderful: The cheese from the burrito kept the hot pieces of food together. The cake was moist enough to generally keep everything together, and even the pieces that did fall stayed in the wrapping.

Next time you’re at Einstein Bros. Bagels, consider taking the time to get the hearty Big Breakfast Burrito for $6.29 and the Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake for $2.39.