Conspiracy Theory Club journeys down rabbit holes


Kendal Schreier, Reporter

Founded in the fall of 2018, Down the Rabbit Hole: Conspiracy Theory Club is a recent addition to the many organizations on campus. In a short time, the club has become a part of the community at SDSU.

Amanda Husted, the club’s current president, bonded over conspiracy theories with her friends during her freshman year. Husted and her friends had no intention of starting a club until Husted spoke with TRIO SSS Retention Adviser Karin Burdick.

Husted casually mentioned the idea of a conspiracy club, and Burdick enthusiastically suggested that the proposal become a reality.

After completing and getting their constitution approved by Student’s Association – the club was officially recognized by the university by the end of Husted’s freshman year.

When the club started last year, the executive board was unsure of what to expect or if anyone was even going to come. However, during the club’s first meeting, more than 50 people attended.

Already, members were jumping into a conversation about the conspiracy presentation. The executive board was nervous but gained confidence over time.

“There is a lot of time that goes into a presentation,” Husted said. “There is so much to get into when you fall down the rabbit hole.”

The club has covered the Moon Landing, Titanic, Pyramids, Area 51, Princess Diana, Jonestown, the Denver Airport and The Zodiac Killer.

The purpose of the club is to provide community and entertainment for students who wish to learn more about and discuss — not debate — conspiracy theories. There isn’t a consensus, so your group members are able to leave the meetings with their own opinions.

Members Jessica Flanders and Reid Dettbarn look forward to the meetings. For Flanders, conspiracy theories are eye-opening and she is considerate of the possibilities. Dettbarn has become a little more apt to pointing fingers. Both members have been with the club since the first meeting.

“It’s fun watching people’s expressions and body language change, even in the skeptics,” Husted said. “It’s shocking and exciting to consider all the possibilities and to think critically about it.”

Dettbarn and Flanders still remember their first meeting and how welcoming the club was. Both members were sitting at the back of the room until they were pulled forward by the discussions.

They both enjoyed the community of friends and connections they’ve built with people from all majors through their discussions.

President Dunn praised the club during New Student Orientation, and they were named “Outstanding New Student Organization” in the spring of 2019.

The final two meetings of the semester will be held at 7 p.m., Nov. 17 and Dec. 8 in Wagner 114.

During the Nov. 17 meeting, the club plans to discuss “The Kennedy Family Curse,” and in the Dec. 8 meeting, the club will discuss the conspiracies surrounding the “Illuminati.”