What’s trending: A guide to a fashion-forward Halloween

Cameron Swier, Fashion Expert

Sometimes the decision of what to be for Halloween is a hard decision to make, but that’s why you have to go to the right places for inspiration. If you want to be on-trend with this year’s most popular costumes for this weekend’s Halloween parties, look toward the things that inspire costumes. What “things” have been popular in 2019?


Stranger Things: There are so many characters and options, but one of the most popular looks for this year includes the famous Hopper. Maybe part of the reason is due to the nail-biting cliffhanger that wrapped up the third season. Either way, his look is a popular costume trend for Halloween this year, not to mention fairly simple. All you need is a Hawaiian shirt, some vintage Levi jeans, a stainless steel watch, a canvas belt and possibly a mustache. 

The Office: A classic TV show that is not anything new, but there still remains a character who is a popular pick for this October: Dwight Schrute. You will quickly learn who is an Office fan with this costume. You will need a two-button classic suit, large clear metal glasses, yellow or green shirt, a thrifted tie, a cheap calculator watch and a worn-in pair of shoes. If you can include the sideburns and middle part that would be a great addition to the Schrute look. According to Jim, this look will cost you $11. 


The 80s are trending in every aspect, so why not turn to them for your Halloween costume? 

Freddie Mercury: With the release of the 2018 movie Bohemian Rhapsody, anyone who didn’t know Freddie Mercury does now, and he definitely makes a great Halloween costume. An easy look is his outfit from the Live Aid concert in 1985. What you will need is white jeans, a white tank, a pair of white Adidas superstars and a studded belt and armband. 

The Breakfast Club: If you are looking for a “group costume” look, this is a great option. It’s classic, it’s easy and the clothes could easily be found at the thrift store. The best part is you can reenact the famous cover photo. 

Jazzercise: Although it was actually invented in the late 1960s, it did not become very popular until the 1980s when it franchised. This look is so fun and such a popular one for 2019. It’s a great look if you are all about the neon trend. What you will need for this look are some bright or animal printed leggings, leg warmers and a leotard. Then for the hair, a scrunchy, headband or mullet will complete this costume.


The Joker: Definitely a fitting costume for the Halloween season with the new release of the Joker movie. The costume and makeup set is not too difficult to get your hands on with how popular the movie has been this October. If you find yourself wanting this look, then you will need a red or purple suit, makeup or face paint and some green hair.

Zombie Anything: One easy way to take a typical Halloween costume to the next level is by turning it into a zombie. Zombie cheerleader, bride, prom, you name it and make it into a zombie costume. You could even use last year’s costume and make it into entirely something new with the zombie twist. 

These are just some of the costumes that are popular this year, but there are so many more. Just have fun with it and be whatever inspires you.