The Haunted Trail brings spooks and scares to Brookings.

Kelsey Werpy, Reporter

State University Theater and other campus organization put on the fifth annual Haunted Trail this weekend at McCrory Gardens. 

The Haunted Trail also brings more recognition to McCrory Gardens. Each year, 800-1,000 people attend over the two nights of the Haunted Trail, with many of them being teenagers.

Associate Professor of Theater, Billy Wilburn is the leader of the Haunted Trail at SDSU. Wilburn is responsible for getting groups together and ready for the trail. Everyone involved in the event gets the full haunted house experience with makeup and costumes. 

Zombies, clowns and cannibals lined the trail to give guests walking through a terrifying experience to all that walked through  

“What makes the Haunted Trail scary is the fear of the unknown,” Wilburn said. “We bank on the fact that the gardens are so open and you know there are people out there but you don’t know where.” 

The volunteers on the Haunted Trail are taught to play on the guests’ fears of the unknown to get the most scares as possible.

The trail is a wonderful opportunity for the Brookings community to prepare for Halloween and experience something new, whether walking through or working it. 

The Haunted Trail is put on every year by State University Theatre and theatre partners. This year, these partners were: State-A-Thon, Alpha Psi Omega, Alpha Xi Delta, SDSU eSports Club, Unified Greek Council and McCrory Gardens. 

Canned goods were donated to Jack’s Cupboard, and the money earned from the event will be split between the participating organizations. 

Brookings can expect to see this event back next year for more spooks and scares.