Editorial: Celebrate Hobo Day in your own way


Collegian Staff

It’s October, which means it’s time for our favorite festivity of the year: Hobo Day.

No, it’s not a celebration of the 2018 unofficial NPR Tiny Desk winner Hobo Johnson. Instead, it’s the Biggest One-Day Event in the Dakotas. 

Hobo Day has been around for more than 100 years, so it has a rich and storied history behind it. Over the years, traditions have changed from Kangaroo Court to Hobolympics. 

With events changing throughout the years, so do personal experiences. 

Some attend organized events. Some attend non-organized events. Some attend no events. 

It’s important to remember that nobody has the same Hobo Day experience or celebrates it the same way. 

After all, isn’t that what Hobo Day is about? We all wander, but together. 

However you celebrate Hobo Day, like any other experience in life, step out of your comfort zone to make the most of it. 

If you don’t usually attend the organized Hobo Day events, make an effort to this year. 

Attend the parade. Go to Rally at the Rails. These events are part of the storied history of the celebration and intertwine campus and community like no other event on campus. 

Also, the Hobo Day Committee works hard all year to put these events on for students and the community alike, so show appreciation through attendance. 

Another way to make the best of your experience is to celebrate while you can. Typically speaking, it’s easier to celebrate the week leading up to Hobo Day without numerous projects and assignments. Remember that you’re still a student, so get your work done in advance. 

One more benefit of Hobo Day is being able to walk around campus in multiple layers. Throw on your buttons or the shirt you weren’t too sure about. Since plenty of people dress as hobos anyway, don’t worry about how you look – just make sure you aren’t freezing in early October.

This year, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, whether that means wearing something you typically wouldn’t or participating in an organized event.

However you celebrate Hobo Day, do it uniquely your way and be sure to stay safe during the Biggest One-Day Event in the Dakotas.

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