SA Meeting in Brief


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On Sept. 16, SDSU Students’ Association Senate met at 7 p.m. in the Lewis and Clark Room of the University Student Union. Here are the highlights from the meeting:

President Dunn

President Barry Dunn addressed the senate during the open forum, having conversations with senators on what they expect from the university, including safety, academic excellence, enrollment and other priorities. “At the top of my mind … is safety,” Dunn said. 

He also cited the desire to increase the number of accredited programs at SDSU. While maintaining a positive message for the senators, Dunn addressed concerns regarding enrollment: “The biggest challenge we have is that we are shrinking,” said Dunn, “We need to teach fewer classes.”

Biomedical Engineering Society 

The constitution for the Biomedical Engineering Society (BES) was approved by a unanimous voice vote. This organization seeks to educate students on the opportunities in the biomedical field. BES was started at SDSU last spring and was officially recognized as an organization at this weeks’ meeting. Representatives of the organization described it as an opportunity for a variety of majors to engage with the biomedical career path.

Policy and Procedure Manual 

Government Affairs Chair Hattie Seten informed senators of various potential policies updates in regards to student organizations, ground usage and scheduling. The policies are currently in review, and senators were encouraged to take a look at the policies. 


SA will meet again at 7 p.m. Sept. 23 in the Lewis and Clark Room of the University Student Union.