Students’ Association aims to prioritize issues surrounding transportation, wellness and tailgating


Andrew Rasmussen, News/Opinion Editor

Students’ Association leaders spent this summer working on the implementation of various programs and initiatives funded by an increase to the general activity fee (GAF) as part of the strategic plan, Imagine 2023.

This year’s students have seen an increase of $4.35 per credit hour to their tuition to provide funding for university programs and projects. 


A top priority for the Students’ Association’s executive board, a committee comprised of the president, vice president, communications chair, finance chair and government affairs chair, is addressing transportation concerns on and off campus.

Initial plans for 2019 funded the establishment of a bus route for students to utilize that would run through Brookings with various stops on campus. Plans for this service have been put on hold due to local issues outside of the university. A pilot program was originally set to run this school year but has been postponed. 

“Now we just have to work cooperatively with the city of Brookings and BATA to move forward,” Students’ Association President Allyson Monson said. 

 Another ride-sharing service slated to start this fall has been pushed to a later date. Ride-sharing bikes were set to be up and running for the fall semester, but the initial company, VeoRide, was unable to provide the needed technology for SDSU. 

 Following a bidding process, another company will be selected to provide this service to students on campus. Students’ Association leadership hopes to have the program running in the spring. 


Students will be seeing additional wellness services this semester as a result of the additional GAF dollars.  

“All of the other wellness allocations are in place, so the Wellness Center has expanded hours during the semester. All of the fitness classes are free to students,”  Students’ Association Communications Chair Nick Lorang said. 

 The SDSU Wellness Center has expanded its hours to 5 a.m.-11 p.m., Monday through Friday, with a few exceptions, according to the Wellness Center website. Weekend hours vary by week. 

 An additional counselor position is in the process of being implemented. 

Student Organizations 

Student organization funding is also on the list of priorities for the Students’ Association. 

 “With a decrease in enrollment, we have less GAF dollars to give to student organizations,” Monson said. “The Athletics Department is actually helping us identify more areas in which student organizations can go and fundraise.”


The student experience at tailgating events is also a topic of conversation within Students’ Association leadership. 

 “We met recently with the University Police Department, creating that to be an environment students are attracted to and want to take part in while maintaining the safety of our students,” Monson said. 

 SA leadership is also having conversations with SDSU dining services and the athletics department to allow students to use their flex dollars at Dana J. Dykhouse and other sporting arenas.