Five faces to know as the school year goes on

Trenton Abrego, Editor-In-Chief

With 2,415 names listed in the SDSU staff directory, incoming students may be confused about who to know and why. Sticking to this list of major players can help new students get the right contacts, learn more about the campus and know who to wave to when walking through the Union.

President Barry Dunn

In 2016, South Dakota State University named Barry Dunn as the university president. Dunn became the 20th president in SDSU’s history and the third alumnus to hold the honor.

Since arriving on campus, Dunn has implemented a five-year strategic plan that “sets the strategic direction for the university and infuses a set of core values around people-centered leadership, creativity, integrity, diversity and excellence,” according to

Dunn also oversaw the Wokini Initiative, which began in the fall semester of 2016.

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Dennis Hedge

Since 2008, Dennis Hedge has served as the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. In 2010, Dennis Hedge was involved in opening the Avera Health and Science Center. Hedge has been at South Dakota State since 1992.

Students’ Association President Allyson Monson

After winning the 2019 Students’ Association election, Allyson Monson secured a second term of her presidency. Last year, most notably, Monson led the General Activity Fee (GAF) discussions. Monson is currently serving in office with Corey Berschiet, her vice president.

Chief Diversity Officer Kas Williams

Over the summer, Kas Williams was named the Chief Diversity Officer after a nation-wide search. Previous to the appointment, Williams served as the interim director for the Office of Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Access. Williams has been at SDSU since 2014.


Wellness Center Directors Shari Landmark and Tamara Lunday

Both Shari Landmark and Tamara Lunday serve as directors for the Wellness Center. Landmark oversees the fitness and recreation branch while Lunday directs the student health and counseling. Landmark’s and Lunday’s positions make them important figures around campus.