Finish finals on a strong note this semester


Collegian photo by FRANKIE HERRERA

Tayler Larsen, Lifestyles Reporter

Finals can be nerve-racking especially when the majority of what you know is to study and to not procrastinate.

As an SDSU student, you have an abundance of helpful resources surrounding you. This year, try something new and go into finals week armed with confidence.

A change of scenery can spark a new sense of motivation compared to the concrete walls of a residence hall or the library. Going to a new place might benefit your mind more than you think.

“Get out of your home or dorm and find a place that’s set aside for work — the Student Union, the library, a coffee shop – any place where you can concentrate fully on your projects or material,” said Jena Christianson, an instructor for the Department of English.

Besides a new location, the duration of the study time is a key factor when it comes to success.

According to, trying to study the day before an exam isn’t very helpful. So, instead of cramming for hour-long sessions, study in 20 to 30 minute intervals with breaks that last between five and 10 minutes to stand up and stretch, take deep breaths and give your mind a break.

It is also a staple point to stay organized and have useful study methods. Tools such as bullet journals, colorful pens to outline class notes, or sticky notes reminders might make studying more enjoyable.

Junior art education major Tayha Ness takes advantage of online resources such as Quizlet.

“I make a lot of notecards and use Quizlet often,” she said.  “I use the listening option throughout the day to subconsciously memorize the information I am studying.”

As a school, SDSU offers many services for their students. Through your connect state account, students can schedule a tutoring appointment. Options such as speech tutoring, Wintrode tutoring and writing tutoring are available and waiting for students to take advantage of them.

While studying is necessary, self-care and lifestyle habits are equally important. Studying with friends can make your time with the books less stressful.

“I like to study with friends during finals,” said junior human biology major Sarah Haberman. “A lot of the time you have to go over larger concepts and it is easier to talk through it with others.”

Additionally, getting an adequate amount of rest, listening to calming music, meditating, going for a walk out in the sun, taking the time to exercise and eat healthy and taking a break to do things you love are ways to remain focused and committed through the week.

“You are only human and you can only take on so much; remember to breathe and remember that the stress is temporary,” Christianson said. “In a matter of weeks you’ll be done and free, and no matter the outcome, you’ll survive.”