Students get idealistic about Easter baskets


Graphic by SUHYEON HAN

Emma Anderson, Lifestyles Reporter

Most of us are past the age receiving Easter baskets full of candy and eggs.

So what would a college Easter Basket hold? We asked students to detail their ideal basket.

Junior interior design major Kaeli Anderson took one of the more practical approaches when it came to her basket.

“Honestly, cash would be nice because that way you could save it or spend it however you need,” Anderson said.

Senior agricultural sciences major, Peyton DeJong, also said money would be a nice surprise to find in a basket, but for a slightly different reason.

“I would like cash for buying drinks and playing darts at Ray’s Corner because they only accept cash. It is one of my favorite places to go downtown,” DeJong said. “But, I also spend way too much on gas, so I could use the money for that too.”

Gift cards were also a hot-ticket item that students hoped the Easter bunny would bring them.

“A gas gift card would be awesome so I could visit friends or family more often,” sophomore nursing major April Hoffman said. “I also would love a gift card to some place that sells running shoes so I could replace the ones that are worn out from being a nursing student.”

A card to a more versatile store would also be a great option in order to meet any needs one might have.

“I would also definitely like a Walmart gift card because that way you could spend it on food, drinks or decoration,” Anderson said.

As always, a prepaid meal in the form of a gift card can be hard to top, especially if you are going on day five of eating Easy Mac.

“McDonald’s, Domino’s and Qdoba would be my top-three favorite fast food places to get a gift card to here in Brookings,” DeJong said.

However, a little self-indulgent gift certificate or card never hurt anyone either.

“This college stress has me real tense, especially this time of year, so a gift certificate for a massage or chiropractic appointment would also be cool,” DeJong said.

Now, let us not forget the old tried-and-true basket staple that has been fueling our Easter morning anticipation for years; candy.

“Dark chocolate is the best and it is not something I would normally buy myself, plus it is a great motivator for when you need to study,” Hoffman said.

Jelly Beans, Reese’s Eggs, Peeps and chocolate bunnies are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the candy options this time of year.

So, even though you might not find your “ideal” Easter basket sitting out for you on Sunday, at least there will be discounted candy in the next couple weeks to look forward to.