Spruce up your wardrobe for spring



Emma Anderson, Lifestyles Reporter

Temperatures are rising and snow is melting at SDSU. Students are ditching their winter coats for light-weight jackets, which is only the first step in transitioning from warm winter gear to a brighter, lighter spring wardrobe.

However, it can be expensive and unrealistic to completely start from scratch and build an entirely new wardrobe. Finding ways to transform winter outfits into spring ones, understanding this year’s trends and knowing the spring essentials can make dressing cute more fun and affordable.

Senior fashion studies and retail merchandising major, Kara Trenhaile, said finding ways to layer fall, winter and summer pieces already in your closet is a great way to transition into spring.

“Layers are so important for spring in South Dakota. You will start the morning chilly and end up with the A/C on by noon,” she said. “So, for example, you could layer a fall sweater over a summer sundress,” Trenhaile said.

Structuring outfits around layers will ensure you will be comfortable in the morning before the sun is fully out, in the afternoon when it is the warmest and in the evening when it starts to cool down again. The best part is, most of this can be done with the items you already own.

However, if you still are not convinced and feel like your wardrobe needs some new pieces that are in line with the upcoming trends, junior fashion studies and retail merchandising major, Tessa Ihnen, has some advice.

“Say goodbye to florals,” Ihnen said. “Patterns and bold colors are appearing to be super trendy this spring and into summer. A trendy polka dot top or dress is just what you need to spruce up your wardrobe.”

Also, vertical stripes are appearing to be a major trend this year, especially on rompers and jumpers, which is great because stripes can make a person appear both thinner and taller.

“The best thing about a jumpsuit is that all of the hard work is done because you don’t have to match a top to a bottom,” Ihnen said.

Sophomore fashion studies and retail merchandising major, Andi Seibel, said small neck scarves are also going to be in this season.

“These are perfect for adding a little flair to your outfits and they can be used in a number of different ways,” Seibel said. “I have noticed girls wearing them around their necks, in their hair and tying them to the straps of their purses.”

While purchasing new clothes is fun, draining the bank account is not. So, finding cheaper options or shopping second-hand are great alternatives that will still freshen up the wardrobe.

“You could find something vintage from Goodwill that’s a trendy piece to pair with a classic staple you already have in your closet,” Trenhaile said.

That being said, there definitely are some closet staples that every person needs before spring is in full swing.

“Male or female, you absolutely need a denim jacket, or even two,” Ihnen said, “They are super trendy and just what you need to dress up a spring outfit.”

Lighter colored jeans, some statement sunglasses, basic t-shirts and strappy sandals are also essentials this time of year that can be paired with any outfit for any occasion.

“I think everyone should have some statement earrings. These are on the rise and can quickly dress up any outfit,” Seibel said.

So, whether you are looking to take the previous season’s clothing make it wearable in the spring or you are looking to buy a few new items, knowing the trends and what the essentials are is important.

“However, ultimately you are going to wear what you like and that is what is amazing about fashion. We dress a certain way and wear certain things to show people who we are and that is what I love most about it,” Seibel said.