Monson and Berscheit aim to empower, advance, execute



Corey Berscheit and Allyson Monson

Andrew Rasmussen, Reporter

Last year Ally Monson ran for Students’ Association President with Spencer Harwood in an uncontested election. This year, Monson is the incumbent SA President running for re-election with current SA Senator representing the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences, Corey Berscheit. 

Monson and Berscheit are running on the platform of empowerment, advancement and execution. They are focused on creating and implementing a positive experience for students here at SDSU. 

“A lot of it comes from the passions we have for students, but also the belief that we have in implementing the changes that we want to see and the belief in our leadership to do that,” Monson said. 

They hope to see through the various initiatives such as transportation, extended Union hours, expanded supplemental instruction and moving the Office of Multicultural Affairs to the second floor of the Student Union. Projects that have been approved by SA through the General Activity Fee (GAF). 

“Together we can empower students with knowledge, we can advance the opportunities that we have right now and we can execute the plans that we set forth,” Monson said. 

Through the empowerment pillar, Monson and Berscheit hope to be more transparent by live streaming SA meetings, weekly conversational videos with SA and releasing quarterly reports on SA activity.

“We want to empower students with the knowledge it takes to be an advocate for themselves,” Monson said. 

The advancement pillar seeks to provide opportunities for students on campus. They hope to add supplemental instruction, expand the Student Union hours, increase access to counseling through an online portal. They also want to grow student discounts beyond Brookings so that non-local businesses and companies offer benefits with the presentation of a student ID. 

“We want to advance those student services that we offer,” Berscheit said. “Ensuring that we can have excellence for students in that capacity.” 

The third pillar is to execute the programs that SA has already voted to fund. An off-campus bus route, ensuring student input in the frost arena renovation, moving the office of multicultural affairs to the second floor and work to make all campus facilities meet accessibility standards. 

“We recognize we don’t want to have these lofty goals that are way outside of having any means of obtaining them,” Monson said.

Both Monson and Berscheit touted their experience on SA and other campus organizations. Monson is an admissions ambassador, involved in the Fishback Honors College, a member of LeadState and an active FCCLA alumni. Berscheit is an admissions ambassador, involved in Little International, a member of Barnyard Cadets and intramurals. 

They added their different involvement on campus brings a diverse perspective from two different sections of SDSU. 

“We really don’t walk in the same shoes and we will be really good at representing different SDSU students,” Monson said.

Monson and Berscheit agreed their time as admissions ambassadors has given them a unique perspective from an administrative view into what prospective students and parents are looking for here at SDSU. 

Monson and Berscheit’s campaign is rooted in their tagline “Transforming tomorrow together.” They hope to be the team to lead SDSU in the upcoming year.