Two constitutions approved, new registration site


The Big Event and Young Americans for Liberty are South Dakota State University’s newest clubs, as both of their constitutions were approved at last night’s Students’ Association meeting.

The Big Event takes place every spring and is hosted by the Student Sustainability Council. The new club will now be in charge of the event, removing the responsibility from the Student Sustainability Council.

Anna Barr, president of the Student Sustainability Council, explained this year’s event will focus on the residents of Brookings.

“One thing we’re working on this year is helping those who could use a hand around their house. That’s one thing we’re trying to emphasize to get students more involved in the community,” Barr said.

The Young Americans for Liberty constitution was approved as well. President Anthony Rudich was there to represent the club and explained that it is a libertarian organization. The club informs people about what the government is doing and helps people get more involved at local, state, and federal levels.

Rudich said Young Americans for Liberty “gives people a third option if they aren’t interested in College Republicans or College Democrats. Sen. Carter Hunter voiced his support for the constitution and said, “I think political activism is great and I encourage it.”

Vice President of Student Affairs and Adviser Michaela Willis announced that Banner, which will replace WebAdvisor, will open for summer and fall course registration on Monday, March 18.

Vice President Willis has had the opportunity to use Banner and said, “I think you guys will find it really simple to use.”

Amendment 18-02-A was passed, which will allow the removal of a student organization from general budgeting.

Finance Chair Jennifer Mueller said, “If student organizations don’t want to be part of the budget, this allows them to step down without having no funding for three years.”

Students’ Association will meet again at 7 p.m. March 18 in the Lewis and Clark room of the Student Union.