How to prepare for spring break


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Emma Anderson, Lifestyles Reporter

The countdown to spring break is on and many students are looking forward to a stress-free week of no classes or homework.

Whether you have plans to road trip to South Padre or you are going to spend a lowkey week at home, there are ways to prepare for the break.

“I am going on vacation for spring break, so I have been trying to work ahead on all my homework,” said freshman interior design major, Kassie Schaefers.

At the bare minimum, staying on top of classes is important heading into a break, but working ahead is an even better way to prepare for time off.

“We always have several projects and papers to do and I don’t want to be overwhelmed with things when I get back from vacation,” Schaefers said.

Planning assignments in advance and completing them before spring break can make the week more relaxing and enjoyable.

It is also a great way to make sure you won’t be coming back to a pile of untouched homework that will instantly undo all the stress-relieving activities you managed to participate in.

“I have also been trying to put in more hours at work on the weekends to earn extra money,” Schaefers said.

Budgeting out food, travel expenses and room and board, no matter how big or small the trip is, can easily give a good estimate as to whether picking up a few extra shifts would be a good idea in preparing for spring break.

Of course, there inevitably ends up being extra or hidden costs with every trip, but knowing a general amount is a good place to start.

“Before spring break, I like to make sure I know my plans before my work schedule comes out for that week,” said freshman human biology major, Peyton Evans.

Even if road tripping is not on the agenda for break, making small plans around home with friends or taking time off from work can also be a fun way to spend it.

“Although I plan to work a majority of break, I still plan to spend time with friends that are also staying home and maybe take a day to head to Sioux Falls for fun,” Evans said.

Spring break does not need to be about spending money in a tropical location with many strangers, in fact it is actually a great time to save or earn money instead.

It is more about unwinding and taking a second to breathe before the second half of the semester starts, but that does not mean that there aren’t ways you can prepare to make this the best spring break yet.