Wabbit Wedding

Tammy Marsh

Tammy Marsh

When SDSU President Peggy Gordon Elliott ties the knot next week, she and husband-to-be Bob Miller want to make sure the students are involved in the celebration.

“We think that since the university family is how we met each other that involving the university family in as much of the wedding as we can is important,” Elliott said in an e-mail interview.

How exactly the “university family” is involved varies from person to person on campus.

As far as involvement in the actual wedding, Elliott listed a number of special events in her honor.

“Already the University Choir is going to sing, the present and former student body presidents and vice presidents since I have been president at SDSU have all been asked to be in charge of the guest and memory books at the wedding and reception, and the Pride did a terrific formation (Peg + Bob) and played ‘Here Comes the Bride’ at the football game on Saturday.”

That’s not all.

“One of the students, who has a scholarship which Bob funds, is baking a Danish wedding cake for us,” Elliott said. “Other students have sent cards and are helping at the reception.”

Elliott said she went to Student Association President Nate Christie for ideas.

“I asked the SA president for some feedback on what students would enjoy,” Elliott said, throwing out a few possibilities.

“We had thought having wedding cake and ice cream some night during finals or maybe something at the half of a basketball game.”

Christie said he and Elliott have agreed on a plan, but the details remain to be worked out.

“All we planned on is during finals week, just having a cake and ice cream reception for her in the Student Union 8211; that’s probably the simplest but most effective solution to it,” he said.

Other students’ input was sought out for this decision.

“I was just asking everybody else what they thought the simplest solution would be,” Christie said. The finals-week bash was finally chosen.

“Students have a little bit of time,” he said. “Take a study break.”

Christie added that the location of the reception should encourage student attendance.

“If it was in the Student Union, there’d be a lot more students that would probably come because it’s in the central part of campus.”

Since Elliott said that student involvement is important to her, Christie hopes students will participate in the festivities.

“Students are a big part of her life,” he said. “She’d be disappointed if the students didn’t come 8211; that’s her number one priority, the students on campus.”